Wildfire Rumor Control

(Some things are true, some things aren’t!) 

The 1993 OR Records Release

The 1993 release by OR Records was an unauthorized
release of the 8-song demo album. We do thank OR
Records for keeping the band in the public eye, and
introducing new fans to the music of Wildfire.

Wildfire backing “Beat of the Earth”

Wildfire never backed up a band called “Beat of the Earth,” as you may have seen on the web.  Back about  1965, when Randy was in a band called The Wedgemen, he was the guitarist on a spoof 45 called “Chrome Reverse Balls.  The flip-side was called “Blowerscoop.”  One of the members of “Beat of the Earth” produced the spoof 45, and so the rumors begin.  Randy did not even know Danny and Donny at that time the band supposedly appeared on this record. 

Randy Love was in the Beach Boys

YES THIS IS TRUE!!! Randy played with the Beach Boys during the late 1990’s, with his cousin, Mike Love.  Some things that appear to be rumors are just the real things!!! 


There are 2 releases set for fall, 2006, both of which have been authorized by Wildfire.

A digitally remastered CD will be available through this website in November, 2006. Check here offen for the release date and purchase it through our store.

A vinyl edition of Wildfire's 8-song demo album will be released in November, 2006, by Shadoks Music. This I release was authorized by Wildfire and made in cooperation with the band. Go to www.psychedelic-music.com for updated information and ordering.