Wildfire Smokin'

Stars in the Sky   (lyrics)

Down to Earth   (lyrics)

Time Will Tell   (lyrics)

Don’t Look For Me   (lyrics)

Free   (lyrics)

What Have I Got Now   (lyrics)

Let It Happen   (lyrics)

Quicksand   (lyrics)


Randy Love – Guitar and vocals
Danny Jamison – Bass and lead vocals
Donny Martin - Drums

All songs copyright 1970, 2006 - Wildfire

Originally recorded in Austin, Texas, 1970
Recorded using Quilter Amps, built 1969-1970
Digitized by Chris Bell, Luminous Sound, Dallas, Texas, 2006
Digitally remastered by Ed Johnson, Plano, Texas, 2006
Produced by Barbara Light Lacy
P C Wildfire 1970, 2006
Digitally remastered from the original 1970 demo. No other recording or reproduction has been authorized by Wildfire other than the licenses issued in Germany, Spain and the U.K..